Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG

Currenta GmbH & Co. OHG, abbreviated to CURRENTA, and its workforce of 3,200 generate around EUR 1.2 billion in sales annually. In its role as manager and operator of CHEMPARK, CURRENTA maintains sites in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen. CURRENTA provides services to a total of 70 industrial companies at the three CHEMPARK sites in the areas of utility supply, waste management, infrastructure, safety and security, analytics and training. Additional services are provided by its subsidiaries Tectrion GmbH and Chemion GmbH.

Services required to support the infrastructure at CHEMPARK further include power grids, pipeline networks and pipe bridges, as well as roadways, railways, sewers, docks and water supply and treatment systems. As many as 600 employees in the CHEMPARK & Safety department work to ensure safety at CHEMPARK, both inside and out. Their responsibilities include conventional safety services, such as site security, fire protection and emergency rescue, as well as forging relations with neighbors, the political community and government authorities.

In the area of supply and disposal services, CURRENTA supplies the manufacturing plants with all the required forms of utilities, from electricity and steam, to compressed air, refrigeration and various technical gases. As a specialist in safe disposal solutions, CURRENTA manages all processes involved in disposing of and recycling waste in its own hazardous waste and waste air incineration plants, landfills and recycling collection centers.

CURRENTA further provides support in areas such as occupational safety, health protection, permit management and building and grounds services. The Analytics business unit offers a broad range of analytical services, including contract analysis, analytical support of research and development projects, and the management and operation of entire customer laboratories. In the area of vocational training and continuing education, CURRENTA, on behalf of CHEMPARK companies, trains 2,400 young people in over 20 natural science, technical and business occupations. It also offers combined work-study programs and training for people in full-time work

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