ID management

ID management

Our services

Our ID management service produces electronically readable identity cards, so that third parties can be clearly identified. The identity cards can be used both to show access privileges and also for special purposes. For example, you can use them to record working hours or fit them with a payment function to enable cashless transactions in the company restaurants.
We are happy to produce identity cards to your company layout specifications – even for locations outside CHEMPARK or for major events. This is an important part of the puzzle when it comes to protecting your operating areas, event locations, employees and visitors from criminal activities.

Our strengths

Our employees are highly qualified and have years of experience, meaning that we can respond quickly to system or structural changes and the need to include new demands. All legal and company-specific security issues are precisely complied with, with the least possible effort on your part.

Networking of the data systems lays the optimal foundations for secure management of ID cards. Functional additions such as cashless transactions are possible at any time.


Service details

  • Recording and storing the necessary personal data
  • Issuing ID cards, including monitoring of time limits
  • Authorization for CHEMPARK IDs to have additional functions, e.g. cashless transactions in company restaurants
  • Temporarily blocking CHEMPARK IDs preventing use on flextime computers and at check-outs if they are lost or not returned
  • Issuing customized ID cards for other purposes in small quantities (e.g. IDs for specifically defined groups, emergency press center IDs)
  • ID management at and for large events and client events

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