Intervention service

Intervention service

Our services

When an alarm is set off, this is first evaluated by the CHEMPARK Safety and Security Control Center, then immediately forwarded to our intervention staff. Our experts go straight to the scene to investigate, and initiate measures to mitigate dangerous situations. The interventions are based on plans specific to the premises, worked out with you in advance. In this way, we can effectively protect material and intellectual property and the people working here.

Our strengths

Our employees are available 24/7 to investigate the scene within minutes of an alarm and mitigate dangerous situations.

All sites have qualified experts with excellent plant, property and operational knowledge. Using our staffing and material resources, we can respond quickly to a variety of threats and prevent more serious damage.

Service details

  • Planning and coordinating intervention measures based on a customized security concept
  • On-site investigation of the situation by trained intervention staff after an alarm
  • External and internal checks of the premises after technical alerts
  • Where necessary, initiating further intervention measures on the scene, e.g. calling in more intervention staff or informing the authorities
  • Resetting alarms after false alarms and re-activating technical installations
  • Safeguarding premises by response staff when a technical installation is found to be faulty

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