Investigation service

Investigation service

Our services

As the operator of CHEMPARK, we attach great important to the smooth running of processes at CHEMPARK. For this purpose, it is important that the companies on the site keep to the rules that ensure safety and security in a chemical park. Our investigation service is the right point of contact should you discover any kind of breach. This service helps to examine any violations and to fulfill obligations. We also provide preventative consultations, e.g. on preventing break-ins and theft and supporting your training activities for your own employees in security-related issues. However, we also support you in dealing with accidents and damage and following these up.

Our strengths

Our employees are highly qualified, have many years of experience and undergo continuous training. As a result, they always know what to do even in exceptional circumstances. Sensitive internal issues are treated in absolute confidence and investigations are carried out discreetly and strictly in line with the relevant legal bases.
Thanks to our expertise and resources, we are able to deal with a wide variety of tasks quickly, flexibly and reliably.

As an investigation service, we are involved in CHEMPARK emergency response management, and are therefore particularly aware, always well-informed, and practiced in dealing with incidents.

Service details

  • Processing and investigating breaches of safety and security rules, e.g. breaches of occupational safety requirements and smoking, alcohol and photography bans, and disruptions to industrial peace (e.g. verbal and physical abuse)
  • Investigation of civil or criminal offenses (e.g. property crimes, unlawful entry) or based on justified grounds, e.g. breaches of work contract obligations, in strict compliance with legal requirements. Investigations can also be performed outside of CHEMPARK and according to your stipulations
  • Mail delivery
  • Returning property
  • Preventative consultations in security-related issues, as regards preventing break-ins and theft, protecting your know-how and awareness-raising for various players in the company, dealing with traffic accidents and damage
  • Support in handling large-scale incidents involving damage and following these up
  • Support during investigations by the authorities
  • Provision and use of technology to convict offenders or secure evidence 
  • Investigation of IT manipulation
  • Documentation of investigations

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