Our services

We offer you a long-term, safe and environmentally friendly landfilling solution for hazardous waste. The correct management of landfill sites, advanced disposal technology and high disposal capacities provide a high level of disposal safety both now and in the future.

Our strengths

As an experienced service provider to the chemical industry and associated sectors, we have extensive chemical and technical expertise coupled with long-term disposal capacities. We respond rapidly and flexibly to your needs and work with you to develop disposal concepts tailored to your requirements. We can also provide an all-inclusive logistics concept and waste analytical services from a single source.

Service details

  • Operation of above-ground landfill sites at the Leverkusen and Dormagen sites for the disposal of hazardous waste that meets the criteria for storage in a class III landfill site
  • Reuse of mineral waste for landfill construction
  • Storage of hazardous waste subject to special restrictions, such as:
    • Waste with a high dust content is delivered in silo vehicles, moistened in mobile systems and disposed of when it is dust-free
    • Waste containing asbestos and other fibers
    • Waste in big bags
    • Waste from the clean-up of contaminated sites
    • Inorganically inert production waste

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