GMP analytics

GMP analytics

Our services

For the development and quality control of pharmaceutical products we offer a wide range of analytics services that cover the entire process chain. We offer all the essential techniques in the fields of acceptance tests, purification validations, stability studies and raw materials testing, including storage under controlled conditions for stability studies.

Our tests are performed in accordance with all generally accepted pharmacopoeias and individually according to your specifications.

Our strengths

With our demonstrated analytical experience and expertise in the field of analysis in compliance with GMP standards, we are a well-respected GMP laboratory in the life science industry. We support you with our analytical know-how from one end of the process chain to the other.

We have extensive equipment resources, qualified employees and a comprehensive QM system, all of which make us the ideal contract laboratory for analytical tasks as part of your Quality Control program.

Service details

  • Acceptance tests
  • Purification validations
  • Stability studies, including storage
  • Releases, decay time test, breaking test
  • Raw materials testing
  • Microbiological tests
  • Method development and method validation
  • Documentation

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