Measuring center for hazardous substances and advice

Measuring center for hazardous substances and advice

Our services

Various obligations must be met when working with hazardous substances. For example, companies have to observe the requirements of the Hazardous Substances Ordinance, technical rules for hazardous substances and employers' accident liability insurance association regulations. We advise you on all issues concerning dangers to health when handling hazardous substances. We use hazardous substance measuring to determine whether and in what concentration hazardous substances are present in the air in the workplace. When thresholds are exceeded, we will propose measures to minimize exposure and compile a comprehensive report for you.

Our strengths

We take on all tasks relating to hazardous substance protection – from advice, identifying and assessing hazards to documentation and archiving exposure data. In all this, we give you prompt and professional advice that takes all the relevant regulations into account. We have a broad range of methods that meets all the needs of chemical companies. Where necessary, we also develop new methods, e.g. for active ingredients. We are also an accredited external measuring center.

Service details

  • Identifying and assessing hazards when working with hazardous substances
  • Archiving measurement reports, work area descriptions, measurement results and evaluations
  • Calculating inhalation exposure in combination with REACH exposure scenarios for extended safety data sheets
  • Developing protection concepts for working in contaminated areas
  • Assisting with reports to the authorities
  • Training in handling hazardous materials

External measuring center for alveolar and inhalable fractions, organic and inorganic gases, vapors and aerosols, nitrosamines and isocyanates under § 7 para 10 GefStoffV (Hazardous Substances Ordinance) (groups 1, 3, 4 and 5).

Accreditation from DACH (German Chemicals Accreditation Body) Competence to perform checks to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005

Certificate DAC-PL-0619-09

Appendix to accreditation certificate

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