Media relations

Media relations

Our services

Trust, acceptance and recognition are the cornerstones for the positive image and commercial success of your company. Our professional media relations work provides extensive information to key members of the general public and local community and helps maintain their goodwill. We offer a full range of media services to achieve this goal. This includes writing texts suitable for print and online media, television and radio. Our professional services include organizing your public appearances and providing a clear concept for all your PR activities.

Our strengths

As PR professionals, we know from experience how to maintain effective communication with local media representatives. Our knowledge of the chemical industry and related production processes means we speak your language so we can convey your message professionally and understandably. We know when and how to position your information to make sure it has the optimum effect. You benefit from our knowledge of the latest developments on-site and our direct contacts with the media.

Service details

  • Writing news releases, speeches, texts, etc.
  • Approval procedures and release for publication
  • Research (including research into specific topics)
  • Editing
  • Media circulation lists
  • Networking with media representatives
  • Press spokesman function (statements, original sound clips, etc.)
  • Photos (shooting, selection, distribution)
  • Updating the press server (Internet)
  • FAQs
  • Media events
  • School media projects
  • Clippings service
  • TV and radio broadcasts
    - Organization, advice, coordination
    - Writing texts and obtaining approval and release for broadcast
  • Advice and support at events

  • Crisis communications (package)
  • Media relations
  • Media service
  • Site-based media relations
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