Monitoring of noise levels in the CHEMPARK

Monitoring of noise levels in the CHEMPARK

Our services

Industrial companies and other enterprises have to meet stringent requirements in terms of noise levels in the areas surrounding their facilities. We act on behalf of companies located in the CHEMPARK to obtain the information requested by the authorities on noise emissions and monitor noise levels in the areas surrounding each CHEMPARK using fixed-position and mobile measuring stations. This monitoring allows any excessive noise levels – e.g. through plant and machinery that is not functioning correctly – to be established in good time and for the cause to be sorted out. The portfolio of services that we offer makes it considerably easier for firms to obtain approval/permits for noise emissions.

Our strengths

  • We provide prompt on-site support at the CHEMPARK sites.
  • We have a good general overview of CHEMPARK, and the site and operational knowledge we have steadily acquired benefits all resident companies.
  • As a recognized partner, we represent CHEMPARK as a whole in its dealings with external bodies and can thus ensure that your standpoint is represented in discussions with the regulatory and local authorities.
  • Through our involvement in various committees we contribute to a positive presentation of noise emission levels caused by CHEMPARK.


Service details

  • We monitor noise emissions at the three CHEMPARK sites in Dormagen, Leverkusen and Krefeld-Uerdingen and at the Bayer-Site Wuppertal-Elberfeld using fixed measuring stations, while in Brunsbüttel and Monheim we regularly use mobile measuring stations
  • Daily evaluation of the measurements for the fixed stations on working days
  • Drafting of noise emission logs with a listing of the levels for the different sites
  • We handle the administration of the noise emission levels at the CHEMPARK in connection with permits for new plant and modifications to existing plant
  • Evaluation of abatement measures and any necessary compensatory measures
  • We represent the CHEMPARK in dealings with authorities, e.g. in matters relating to changes of use affecting areas in the vicinity of the CHEMPARK

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