Noise control engineering

Noise control engineering

Our services

Noise control engineering is becoming increasingly important, in particular for licensing of construction projects. Planning begins with the selection of a low-noise process and a suitable location for a production facility. We not only provide assistance with licensing and permit applications, we also help design noise abatement measures for existing production processes. For example, we design special customized equipment such as silencers on the basis of measured or forecast emission data. Our services allow you to meet all the pertinent legal requirements without having to invest in your own resources.

Our strengths

We cover all the aspects of noise control engineering from the development of noise reduction measures and the design of equipment to acceptance after commissioning – no problem is ever too complex that we cannot develop an optimal solution.
Thanks to our own patents based on the particular needs and requirements of the chemical industry, we can, for example, develop silencers with a long service life for use in humid and aggressive exhaust fumes.

Service details

  • Design of noise abatement measures on the basis of measured or forecast emission data
  • Primary noise protection, for example appropriate design of control valves
  • Secondary noise protection, for example enclosure or isolation of noise sources, or use of silencers
  • Design of noise-reducing equipment such as silencers, optional procurement organization, acceptance at manufacturer, erection coordination and final acceptance after commissioning (effectiveness testing)

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