Noise forecasts

Noise forecasts

Our services

Noise forecasts provide you with an indication of anticipated noise pollution levels before you begin constructing new production facilities or modifying existing ones. Such forecasts are therefore an essential element of your licensing documentation. We prepare expert reports on the noise levels in the community and at the workplace. The scope of these reports is matched to the requirements of the licensing authority. We can also specify appropriate noise control measures. We thus help you comply with all legal requirements (for example, TA Lärm – Germany’s technical instruction on noise control) without having to invest in your own resources.

Our strengths

Our test institute is accredited to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 for the fields of noise in the community and noise at the workplace. It has a wealth of experience gathered over many years and detailed knowledge of all pertinent laws and valid regulations. As a customer located in the CHEMPARK, you can benefit particularly from our close collaboration with the licensing and permit department and from our exact knowledge of local licensing requirements.

Service details

  • Noise forecasts within the context of license applications for construction or modification of production plants and facilities
  • Design of noise control measures
  • Archiving of expert reports for a period of ten years

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