Noise pollution measurement / surveys

Noise pollution measurement / surveys

Our services

We offer you a comprehensive service package in the field of noise in the community and prepare noise pollution surveys for commercial and industrial facilities, sports and recreational facilities and traffic routes. Depending on the situation, our surveys are based on short-term, monitored or long-term, unmonitored measurements. We help you comply with all legal requirements (for example, TA Lärm – Germany’s technical instruction on noise control) without having to invest in your own equipment, human resources or expertise.

Our strengths

Our test institute is accredited to DIN EN ISO / IEC 17025 for the fields of noise in the community and noise at the workplace. It has a wealth of experience gathered over many years and detailed knowledge of all pertinent laws and valid regulations. On this basis you will always be provided with the best solution to meet your needs. As a customer located in the CHEMPARK, you can benefit particularly from our close collaboration with the licensing and permit department.

Service details

  • Preparation of noise pollution surveys (for example, in accordance with TA Lärm 98 – technical instruction on noise control, Sportanlagenlärmschutzverordnung - noise control regulations for sports facilities or Freizeitlärmrichtlinien - recreational noise guidelines)
  • Performance of noise measurements at the receiving point or at an alternative receiving point; determination of sound emissions relevant to noise pollution, with subsequent propagation calculation
  • For sports and recreational facilities: monitored measurements of typical events (a mobile monitoring vehicle equipped with a ten-meter mast is available for this purpose)
  • For business and commercial facilities: determination of long-term averaged levels at the receiving point using mobile measuring stations for unmonitored measurements

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