Occupational health management

Occupational health management

Our services

Our occupational health management team develops conditions, structures and processes to promote health. These include both organization and work processes and promoting healthy behavior among your employees. In addition to standard health protection, our health management solution also examines factors that are key to sustaining motivation, commitment and satisfaction as well as counteracting internal resignation, shortfalls in performance and sick leave.

Our strengths

We can provide all of the necessary components of professional occupational health management, customized to your operational situation. To ensure an optimal decision-making basis, we set out in detail which measures are effective and efficient for your occupational health management. This involves linking your operational and HR data with findings from medical examinations, the health insurer's report, the operational risk assessment and an in-depth health evaluation.

Service details

All products are service components perfectly matched with each other and available in various product depths. Some services are co-funded by health insurers under §20 and §65a of the Social Security Code (SGB V).

  • Catalog of measures for promoting occupational health
  • Support in occupational reintegration management
  • Support in absence management
  • Establishment of an occupational health dialog
  • Management seminars on occupational health management and on leadership and health
  • Drawing up of an occupational health report

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