Occupational safety services

Occupational safety services

Our services

You can also show a great sense of responsibility for your employees by attributing a high level of importance to the issue of occupational safety in your company. We are happy to support you in any administrative questions about occupational safety and accident prevention, and will train safety officers for your company.

Our strengths

Our comprehensive know-how and years of experience mean that we can offer you every service related to occupational safety – legally compliant and with an excellent price-performance ratio. The Incident Reporting System, a special software program for reporting incidents, enables you to meet your reporting obligations to the authorities under SGB VII (Book VII of the German Social Code) without any great cost of time or money.

Service details

  • Administering the procedures for appointing and withdrawing safety officers
  • Notifying the Works Council
  • Informing Human Resources
  • Organizing and conducting training at the employers' accident liability insurance association (BG RCI)
  • Organizing first-aid training courses
  • Supporting safety officers with information material
  • Statistical evaluations for inquiries relating to HR policy
  • Providing the Incident Reporting System (IRS)
  • Giving advice and expert support in its use
  • Meeting reporting obligations to authorities under SGB VII
  • Providing online versions of the employers' accident liability insurance association regulations, rules, principles and information
  • Expert opinions on occupational safety issues


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