Physical Methods

Physical Methods

Our services

Organic and inorganic substances can be unambiguously characterized on the basis of physical characteristics. With our extensive portfolio of methods we can make a major contribution to the Quality Assurance of your production processes. These methods include, among many others, measurements of color index, density measurements of liquids and solids, melting point determinations, dynamic and kinetic viscosity measurements. We also offer you the opportunity by means of thermoanalysis to obtain information on melting and crystallization behaviors, glass temperature and the purity of your products.

Our strengths

We are there for you around the clock, if necessary, and can perform all the necessary analyses and evaluations promptly.

The scope of methods we offer provides you with a single source for all your quality testing needs, from tests on incoming goods through intermediates all the way to the finished commercial product.

We meet the requirements of the quality standards established by DIN EN ISO 17025. All our tests and procedures also comply with GLP and GMP guidelines

Service details

  • Color index measurements (Hazen color scale, iodine color control, Gardner color scale)
  • Density measurements of liquids (vibrating tube method) and solids (Pycnometer)
  • Melting point determinations
  • Dynamic (falling ball viscometer, rotation, Brookfield) and kinetic (Ubbelohde) viscosity measurements
  • Measurements of purity and melting points, glass temperatures and crystallization behavior by means of thermoanalysis (differential thermal analysis DTA, differential scanning calorimetry DSC, thermo-gravimetric analysis TG)
  • Determination of particle size distribution of dispersions (submicron range, fractionation by size and density), coarse particle counts (pinhole measurement) and average particle diameter by means of analytic ultracentrifugation

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