Pipeline networks

Pipeline networks

Our services

We supply utilities across the CHEMPARK sites via overground and underground pipelines. Our extensive network of infrastructure pipe racks is also used to carry customer pipelines transporting chemicals in gaseous and liquid form – these currently total around 300 products. Additional product pipelines can be installed whenever capacities allow. Our maintenance concept ensures high availability; we perform the requisite regular checks and compile documentation ourselves.

Our strengths

Cost-effective operation of infrastructure pipe racks through shared use for supplying our own utilities and carrying customer pipelines.  If necessary, we can use our extensive network of contacts to put customers in touch with suppliers of around 300 liquid and gaseous chemical products that are transported in customer pipelines.

Service details

  • Extensive underground and overground pipeline networks for utilities
  • Wide-ranging pipe rack infrastructure to transport customer pipelines containing liquid and gaseous products
  • Consultation on the use of the pipe rack infrastructure for additional customer pipelines
  • Preparation and initiation of official permit procedures
  • Cost-effective maintenance concept; execution of regular checks, including documentation
  • Specific CURRENTA Utilities services for "pipeline networks & pipe bridges" can be found under "http://www.currenta.com/energy-services.html".

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