Preventative fire protection / Advice on fire safety

Preventative fire protection / Advice on fire safety

Our services

One of the key tasks of the CHEMPARK site fire departments is to prevent fire or other incidents from happening at all using an effective prevention concept. Should an incident happen nonetheless, it must remain limited and controllable enough to minimize the risk to people and the environment at CHEMPARK and the surrounding area. We will advise you on all aspects of fire protection and emergency response, and help you to fulfill the legal requirements on fire protection measures efficiently.

Our strengths

We provide competent and expert advice on all fire protection issues. Our employees are qualified fire protection engineers and are trained to senior or higher fire department level. Fire department experience and insights gained from deployments are immediately incorporated into our advice.

We have been working with approval authorities, insurers and trade associations for many years. You can also use these comprehensive and established contacts to ensure good and trusting collaboration.

Service details

Fire inspection services:
We regularly carry out fire inspections on behalf of the relevant district authority to determine any fire protection shortcomings and sources of danger. This involves advising you and checking that any shortcomings have been rectified.

Fire protection surveys:
In the same way, buildings where fire inspections are not a requirement are subject to fire protection surveys on a regular basis.

General consulting services:
We will advise you on all questions and issues relating to structural, operational, facility and organizational fire protection.

Drafting of fire prevention concepts:
When structures are built or altered, or there is a change of use, a fire protection concept must be submitted with the application. The fire protection concept comprises fire protection measures that are necessary for assessment and verification of the application.

Support for safety assessments:
CURRENTA Fire Protection assesses the fire danger category for process and plant safety assessments.

Support for permit procedures:
Before passing application documents on to the approval authorities, we check that they cover all necessary fire protection measures, thus ensuring that permit procedures run smoothly.

Specialist fire prevention engineering services:
The approval authorities may require a fire protection construction manager to implement fire protection concepts, especially for complex construction projects.


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