Property protection

Property protection

Our services

Our gate and reception staff control access to your property. Our personnel greet visitors, check that they are authorized to enter the site and inform their hosts of their arrival. Your visitors or customers are looked after from the moment they arrive, an important element in a good business relationship. Outside normal working hours, our security employees regularly inspect your premises inside and out, and ensure that windows and doors are locked. They also check that there has been no unauthorized entry. Our security employees regularly inspect your vulnerable areas, such as storage areas, laboratories or parking areas, so that you can always be sure that your property is in good hands.

Our strengths

All sites have qualified experts with very good knowledge specific to their task and location. They can assess the situation safely and respond immediately – protecting people and property.

Our services are part of the integrated emergency response management system at the sites. This provides us with direct interfaces to all other CHEMPARK security departments.

Service details

  • Staffing gate and reception points with qualified personnel, with foreign language skills if necessary
  • Greeting and advising visitors, customers, contractors and suppliers and directing them to their destination
  • Checking access authorization of people and vehicles to the client's premises as specified
  • Visual lockup checks (windows and doors) of premises from the outside
  • Internal check (inspection) of premises
  • Lockup checks (windows and doors) of premises from the inside
  • Special checks if additional instruction is given by the client
  • Preventative inspections with particular emphasis on ensuring environmental protection and occupational safety in operating and storage areas
  • Foot and car patrols of sensitive premises
  • Special duties (e.g. patrolling car parks in the winter months)
  • Supply and supervision of personnel for parking controls

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