Protection of CHEMPARK

Protection of CHEMPARK

Our services

We protect the CHEMPARK sites and the companies based there, including their employees and their material and intellectual property. Our services include both preventative protective measures and intervention in dangerous situations. We are responsible for controlling access to CHEMPARK, and maintain the top-level alarm systems at the sites. We also monitor the transport area on the site and inspect vehicles. As part of the CHEMPARK integrated emergency response management system, we are informed and aware of all safety and security-related incidents.

Our strengths

Our knowledge, combined with our years of experience in controlling access to CHEMPARK, put us in a position to respond expertly, flexibly and reliably to the particular needs of internationally active companies. Our gate and reception staff have direct interfaces to all of the safety and security departments at CHEMPARK. We thus offer a recognized, comprehensive safety and security organization.

Thanks to our local knowledge, we can also correctly assess any issues relating to traffic at CHEMPARK, and provide adequate solutions.

Service details

  • ID office to issue access permits and any associated special privileges – keeping, of course, to the relevant guidelines on handling personal data
  • Checking the access authorization of people and vehicles entering CHEMPARK
  • Checking vehicles and people leaving the site to protect the property of the companies based there
  • Receiving, announcing and transporting visitors and representatives from the authorities or the media at CHEMPARK, and the use of our own visitor taxi service
  • Receiving and announcing fitters and suppliers
  • Informing external companies about safety and security on the site
  • Checks in line with CHEMPARK regulations, safety and security regulations for external companies and the work rules valid at CHEMPARK
  • Intervention in particular events that are critical to safety and security
  • Recording and documenting incidents critical to safety and security
  • Advice and expertise on all security-related issues
  • Monitoring the traffic area for safe and proper conduct, dangers caused by traffic, obstructions to traffic and expert advice on signposting in traffic areas
  • Checks taking into account the specifications of the German Road Traffic Regulations and internal CHEMPARK regulations
  • Duties as part of emergency response, in line with the specifications of the alarm and emergency response plan (AGACP)
  • Giving training courses and other awareness measures, Lost property office, Operating and maintaining the top-level alarm systems at the CHEMPARK sites

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