Public address systems

Public address systems

Our services

Whether for auditoriums, plant speaker systems or open-air concerts – we can undertake the acoustic design for any location or event and plan suitable public address (PA) systems. Our technicians undertake level adjustment, determine acoustic clarity and monitor noise pollution during the event. Within the framework of our full-service program we also provide noise pollution forecasts for the licensing/permit procedure. You are relieved of organizational tasks, leaving you more time for operational activities.

Our strengths

We have modern and powerful tools for designing PA systems and are well-equipped for events of any size.
If the need arises, we can also tap into expertise from related areas at a cost-effective price and with a minimum of effort.
We are not tied to any one manufacturer and can custom design PA systems from different manufacturers to meet your particular needs.

Service details

  • Acoustic design
  • PA system planning
  • On-site support by a technician for level adjustment of the system and for determining acoustic clarity and noise pollution during the event
  • Installation and level adjustment of limiters
  • Support in licensing/permit procedures

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