Radiation protection representative

Radiation protection representative

Our services

Under the Federal Immission Control Act, operators of licensed plants must appoint one or more major incident officers if hazardous substances are present in particular volumes. To this end, we make qualified and reliable individuals available to our CHEMPARK customers who assume the statutory tasks of major incident officers.

Our strengths

We know the facilities (supply and disposal services, site fire department, security management) of the CHEMPARK operator and your neighbors both on and off the CHEMPARK site, and can provide support regarding contacts. The members of our company we propose as major incident officers can boast in-depth knowledge of safety-relevant areas.

Service details

  • Advice on matters key to the safety of the plant
  • Working toward improved plant safety
  • Monitoring legal requirements regarding the prevention of disruptions to the proper operation of the plant
  • Regular inspections of the production facility; recommendations for remedying shortcomings
  • Reporting shortcomings in fire prevention and fire defense
  • Statements on investment decisions relevant to safety and on the introduction of safety-relevant working procedures/substances
  • Drawing up an annual report, including legally required documentation


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