Recycling and reuse of raw materials

Recycling and reuse of raw materials

Our services

We operate collection centers for recyclable material at the CHEMPARK sites, where we collect and sort scrap and recover it as cost-effectively and in as high a quality as possible for subsequent marketing. We pass on any revenue we make to you. Special waste fractions – including hazardous waste or waste requiring special documentation – are collected, separated, gathered into batches suitable for transportation and sent for recycling or disposal. Such waste includes electronic scrap, PCs and monitors, cooling and refrigeration appliances, fluorescent lamps, batteries, etc.

Our strengths

Our collection centers provide you with a complete service for scrap and other waste. Our central collection centers also accept small quantities of waste, such as toner cartridges, batteries or PCs.
Our local presence allows us to respond quickly to your needs and minimizes logistics costs. Our services allow you to dispose of waste economically and profitably.

Service details

We collect, sort and recycle the following categories of scrap:

  • Mixed scrap
  • Heavy scrap
  • Stainless steel scrap
  • Appliances
  • Engines and motors
  • Cabling
  • Aluminum, copper, lead and noble metals
  • Special alloys

These services are supplemented by:

  • Provision of suitable spaces for scrap breaking
  • Removal of insulation from pipe components and equipment
  • Disposal of the insulating material

For scrap in large quantities:

Upon request, we market large quantities of scrap generated in special disassembly and demolition projects.

Collection and disposal of different wastes, including waste that requires monitoring:

  • Electrical components (computer scrap, cooling and refrigeration appliances, fluorescent lamps, batteries etc.)
  • Computer equipment in accordance with German data protection legislation and electronic scrap regulations
  • Furniture
  • Paint and varnishes
  • Empty containers

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