Our services

At the CHEMPARK sites in Leverkusen and Dormagen, we generate refrigeration energy at temperatures of -5 °C and -20 °C locally in your evaporator unit. We then transfer the recovered heat through integrated networks to the central facilities of the CURRENTA refrigeration station. On request and following prior approval, we can also generate refrigeration energy at lower temperatures. Our experienced staff ensure the high availability of our facilities and networks.  Customers can commission us to initiate the requisite technical checks of their facilities and draw up any documentation needed.

Our strengths

We ensure the units and networks deliver a high level of availability for the widespread supply of refrigerants. The power reserves of our central refrigerant supply system mean that customers do not need their own facilities. Our experienced staff have sound knowledge of the conditions at all the CHEMPARK sites and can use this to develop made-to-measure solutions for your refrigeration applications.

Service details

  • Supply of refrigeration energy at different temperature levels
  • Customers can commission us to organize and document the regular checks of their refrigeration equipment, including evaporator units
  • Information on changes to the relevant legislation and regulations
  • Comprehensive technical and economic advice on all aspects of refrigeration technology
  • Permanently manned central refrigeration control station

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