Rehabilitation of contaminated land and sites

Rehabilitation of contaminated land and sites

Our services

We have many years of experience in the rehabilitation of land, groundwater and buildings contaminated with chemicals. As a result, we can offer professional and all-inclusive services for solving a diverse range of rehabilitation problems at your company’s site. Our services include analysis, drawing up reports, planning, environmental and permit management, and waste disposal. Contaminated sites pose a risk for people and the environment – we offer you the solutions you need to minimize these risks reliably and effectively.

Our strengths

Having handled over 400 projects in 50 countries, we have extensive experience in the rehabilitation and assessment of contaminated land and sites, especially those contaminated with chemical substances. Thanks to the capacity and range of our facilities for different types of waste, we can offer safe remediation and disposal at all times. You benefit from the extensive chemical and technical expertise of a chemical group.

Service details

  • Planning and project management
  • Preparation of expert reports and concepts
  • Planning of clean-up measures and demolition
  • Monitoring of building work and the work of contractors
  • Environmental and permit management
  • Recycling and waste disposal in our incineration and treatment facilities and landfilling
  • Occupational health and safety
  • Public relations work
  • Training

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