Representing your interests in environmental affairs

Representing your interests in environmental affairs

Our services

Our experts represent your interests in environmental affairs in national and European bodies, associations and industry committees. Laws and regulations in the areas of environmental protection are frequently amended and expanded whether on the level of the EU, Germany or the individual German states. Our efficient early warning system allows you to identify in advance any changes that may have a negative impact on your business. You can use this information as a basis for developing strategies designed to avoid or at least reduce the effects. We also provide access to the appropriate decision-makers and draft constructive proposals for solutions with the goal of minimizing your additional investment and operating costs.

Our strengths

With our network of internal and external specialists (biologists, chemists, engineers, geologists and lawyers), we provide comprehensive know-how that allows us to represent your interests in key industry associations on the level of Europe, Germany and the individual German states.  Given our advanced know-how, we are able to react quickly to proposed changes in general requirements and new specifications relating to all kinds of environmental issues.

Thanks to our long-standing and recognized work on various bodies we exercise a particularly significant influence on industry policy.

Service details

The focus of our services is on environmental protection relating to production and disposal processes (soil, air, water, waste). We also keep track of overarching topics, such as environmental levies, risk information and advocacy in Germany and Europe.

  • Early warning of changes to laws and regulations that will have an effect on your business
  • Joint development of risk reduction strategies
  • Coordination of the objectives of our work in various bodies
  • Analysis and interpretation of new regulations
  • Presence and exercise of influence in major bodies, associations and industry committees, particularly Germany's Chemical Industry Association (VCI), the European Chemical Industry Council (CEFIC) and the Federation of German Industry (BDI).
  • Drafting technical rules and standards
  • Continuous reporting of current activities in the form of presentations and newsletters
  • Quantifying success: What benefit was achieved for you

  • Community management
  • Committee work
  • Environmental policy
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