Responsible Care

Responsible Care

Responsible Care (RC) is a worldwide initiative of the chemical industry. One of the goals of Responsible Care is to encourage all employees to implement corporate objectives for environmental protection, health protection and safety in an innovative manner within their own personal working area to achieve verifiable improvement.

All companies at CHEMPARK have voluntarily undertaken in writing to adhere to the principles of Responsible Care that apply worldwide. Through their participation in the RC program they contribute to continual improvement in RC performance at CHEMPARK. 

Since 2007 uniform RC campaigns on selected focus issues have been held at all three CHEMPARK sites. The goal of all these is the sustainable improvement of the safety and health of employees working at CHEMPARK and of local residents.

The main topics of the German RC program includes

  • Product stewardship
  • Responsibility along the value-added chain
  • Social commitment with respect to health, safety and environmental protection

Assuming responsibility also means communicating, which is why close dialogue between the company and its employees is planned. However, the success of Responsible Care is essentially dependent on the active participation of every individual.

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