Responsible Care

Responsible Care

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Responsible Care (RC) is a worldwide initiative of the chemical industry. One of the goals of Responsible Care is to encourage all employees to use an innovative approach to implementing corporate objectives with respect to environmental protection, health protection and safety within their own personal working area so as to achieve verifiable improvement. All companies at CHEMPARK have voluntarily undertaken in writing to adhere to the principles of Responsible Care that apply worldwide. Through their participation in the RC program they contribute to continual improvement in RC performance at CHEMPARK.

Our strengths

Central coordination of the Responsible Care initiative is in our hands. You benefit from sharing experiences of Responsible Care issues with other participants from CHEMPARK and are always kept informed of the latest developments. Our experience ensures a high level of professionalism in developing, coordinating and implementing Responsible Care programs. We enjoy recognition outside the boundaries of CHEMPARK and are able to represent common interests effectively in the chemical association(s).

Service details

We are committed to

  • Working toward a corporate culture that is essential for improved RC performance. In this way, we also contribute to the value added of the products.
  • Supporting CHEMPARK companies in the practical implementation of the Responsible Care process by devising multi-site programs and making available methods and tools for their implementation.
  • Conducting awareness-raising activities at CHEMPARK.
  • Informing employees of the starting positions, goals and results and developing a dialogue concept.
  • Maintaining an open and responsible dialogue with other parties in the CHEMPARK environment to reconcile various interests.

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