Safety advice

Safety advice

Our services

Occupational safety is not only required by law, it also makes financial sense! Reducing operational hazards, accidents and damage to equipment minimizes downtimes and helps to avoid unnecessary costs. The safe use of machinery has the highest priority in this respect. We see ourselves as your advisors in all issues relating to occupational safety. Our services go far beyond what the Industrial Safety Act requires as part of the supporting duties of safety specialists and are an ideal supplement to this.

Our strengths

We have in-house experts with various specialties, ensuring comprehensive, cross-disciplinary support. You benefit from our many years of experience in developing individual safety concepts for small, medium and large facilities with their different hazard scenarios. Our safety management is based on precise knowledge of the legal position and understanding of the operational situation.

Service details

  • Assuming the duties of a coordinator in line with TRGS 524, “Clean-up and work in contaminated areas”
  • Supporting the planning, procurement, operation, conversion and sale of machinery, plant and other technical equipment according to safety-related criteria
  • Drawing up conformity declarations when plants or machinery are converted, altered or expanded
  • Advice regarding the selection of safety equipment and checks of technical and structural requirements
  • Evaluating the safe use of work materials under the Industrial Safety Ordinance
  • Conducting hazard assessments
  • Support with drawing up instructions for machinery and work materials
  • Conducting safety briefings
  • Conducting safety audits
  • Drawing up and maintaining operational safety management documentation
  • Determining the requirements for issuing written permission for hazardous work


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