We work to create a safe environment for you that allows you to focus on your research, development and production.

Ensuring safety at CHEMPARK poses some major challenges. CURRENTA offers HSEQ management, not only at the CHEMPARK site, but also in the surrounding area. This requires many years of experience and specialist expertise and, in the event of an emergency, it is crucial for everyone to work together like a well-oiled machine.

Occupational health – putting people first

Promoting and maintaining the physical, emotional and social well-being of motivated employees is a core element of our services in the field of occupational health management. In addition to these preventive measures, we also offer full occupational health care and acute medical care on site or in our health care centres.

Preventive and emergency fire protection

An effective fire prevention concept helps minimise risks and damage. Our services range from advice on the development of fire protection concepts to support for permit procedures from experienced fire protection experts and assistance in the event of leakages. Our well-trained emergency and rescue services have vehicles and equipment tailored to the specific needs of CHEMPARK and are on 24-hour standby.

Security management – dedicated to site security

Whether access control to CHEMPARK, site supervision or intervention in dangerous situations, our security management unit provides a comprehensive range of services that help to keep your employees and plants safe. In the event of an incident, our integrated emergency response management systems ensure that problem areas are sealed off immediately.

Safe working practices for safe production

Even though they mostly go unnoticed, safety measures and concepts do play a crucial part in day-to-day working life. To continuously boost employee awareness of this important topic, we hold regular training courses and events on occupational safety for companies at CHEMPARK. Our role includes advising you on section 6 of the German Occupational Safety and Health Act and training safety officers.

In short

Sophisticated safety system
Proactive safety: Even at the design stage, our experts focus on minimising risks when a plant goes into operation. What’s more, every step is systematically analysed for potential dangers prior to its implementation.

Active safety: This encompasses response and protection plans, regular drills for employees to improve occupational safety, and plant inspections.

Reactive safety: Reactive safety comes into play in the event of an incident actually occurring, such as the site fire department being called out.

An interface for safety and security
Each CHEMPARK site has a safety and security control centre. These centres collect all the information required for emergency response. SiZe employees pass on the incoming information straight away, or immediately alert the site fire departments or rescue service, which can reach any point on the site within five minutes.

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