Security consulting and planning

Security consulting and planning

Our services

Our experienced security specialists will advise you on all questions relating to protecting your employees and facilities from attack. We work with you to define the protection goals for premises that need protecting and use this as a basis for developing a security concept for effective emergency response. We analyze and evaluate potential threats and develop customized countermeasures. At the same time, we ensure that the measures and techniques are easy to apply and can be integrated into your production processes seamlessly. We are happy to help with security audits, should third parties want to verify the effectiveness of your security concepts.

Our strengths

Our employees are highly qualified and have very good plant, buildings and property knowledge at all sites. We have direct interfaces with all other CHEMPARK security departments. We thus offer a recognized, comprehensive safety and security organization. We incorporate the extensive experience we have gathered from various incidents into the solutions we provide to you. Our on-site presence at CHEMPARK means that we can also be in attendance at short notice.

Service details

  • Joint definition of the protection goals for your premises
  • Analysis of potential threat and damage scenarios in relation to your premises
  • Evaluating the effects of potential damage as regards probability of occurrence and level of losses
  • Developing measures specific to your premises to reduce potential damage and/or its probability of occurrence
  • Support in planning and providing measures to minimize damage and risk
  • Documenting the safety and security concept
  • Providing explanations of the procedure and contents of the audit
  • Drawing up documentation, evaluating statistics pertaining to site security and preparing information ahead of an audit
  • Support during an audit
  • Follow-up on the audit with position statements on the results and, where necessary, measures to be taken. Checking the audit report and support in implementing the measures.

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