Our services

Whether you are faced with a partial or total demolition project, we are your full-service partner when you need to make room. Our service offering covers planning and execution, including hazard assessments, permitting and waste management and the associated occupational safety and health protection concepts. These services can be ordered and utilized individually or as a package.

Our strengths

Thanks to our many years of experience dealing with government agencies, Bayer engineering departments and demolition contractors in the management of reconstruction projects and contaminated site cleanups, we can develop optimal solutions to meet your needs. We provide a full range of services for all phases of the project from consulting through management of analyses, planning and permitting to waste management. We have our own facilities to recycle and dispose of waste materials. You also benefit from our comprehensive knowledge of the demolition services market.

Service details

  • Consulting, planning and execution of total and partial demolition projects
  • Assistance throughout the project: from drafting bid specifications, through hiring contractors and execution to proper waste disposal and backfilling
  • Tests, evaluations and hazard assessments of structures and soil, including historical research, sampling and planning as well as analysis by an accredited laboratory
  • Planning and execution of disconnection from the existing infrastructure, including restoration of adjacent areas
  • Planning and execution of any necessary hazardous substances cleanup, including recycling and disposal of waste material in our own facilities as a separate service
  • Obtaining the necessary demolition permit and implementation of any special requirements it stipulates
  • Appointment of a responsible project manager as required by the Construction Code of North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Assumption of the obligations specified by the Construction Site Regulations (preparation of an occupational safety and health protection plan) and appointment of a coordinator as required by the Construction Site Regulations

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