Acceptance and discharge of wastewater not requiring treatment (wastewater categories 1/2)

Acceptance and discharge of wastewater not requiring treatment (wastewater categories 1/2)

Our services

Under our site-specific wastewater discharge permits we manage the disposal of wastewater not requiring treatment. We operate and maintain 640 kilometers of sewers and the legally prescribed monitoring systems at our CHEMPARK sites. Our wastewater capture systems and safety systems ensure compliance with the wastewater discharge limits, even in the event of an incident. We can therefore ensure the uninterrupted and environmentally compatible operation of your production facilities at the CHEMPARK sites. We also provide extensive advice on wastewater issues during the planning, construction and operation of your production facilities.

Our strengths

We offer full disposal services for your wastewater that does not require treatment. This applies to wastewater from facilities operating normally and those in which operation is disrupted by an incident. Our services include providing advice on wastewater issues, all aspects of wastewater management and wastewater monitoring, including analysis. Our extensive resources enable us to provide adequate disposal capacities for your wastewater at all times, thus safeguarding your production.

Service details

  • Discharge permit management
  • Advice on legal and technological aspects of wastewater
  • Separate handling and discharge of wastewater not requiring treatment
  • Operation of the sewerage system
  • Operation of wastewater capture systems in the event of an incident
  • Operation of continuous measurement and monitoring systems
  • Discharge into the Rhine
  • Wastewater monitoring and management, including wastewater analysis
  • Supply of cause-related data for customer-internal operations-related product accounting
  • Maintaining contacts with the authorities
  • Certification of throughput and wastewater specifications
  • Documentation

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