Acceptance, cleaning & discharge of wastewater requiring treatment (wastewater category 3)

Acceptance, cleaning & discharge of wastewater requiring treatment (wastewater category 3)

Our services

As the holder of the permit to discharge wastewater from the CHEMPARK sites, we manage the complete disposal of all wastewater requiring treatment. We provide advice on all wastewater issues associated with ongoing production operations, and during the planning and construction of new facilities. Our wastewater treatment plants are designed to handle a wide range of substances, especially those emanating from chemical production processes. We provide adequate round-the-clock treatment capacities tailored to your production routines, allowing uninterrupted operation of your facilities throughout the year.

Our strengths

We operate a round-the-clock service for accepting and disposing of wastewater requiring treatment. In consultation with you, we equalize the composition of the wastewater as far as possible within the permitted limits before it enters the treatment plant. This helps to protect the treatment plant against sudden impact loads, ensures compliance with the maximum discharge limits for the site, minimizes wastewater levies and reduces the cost of wastewater cleaning. It also safeguards the uninterrupted year-round operation of our treatment plant for handling and disposing of your wastewater.

Service details

  • Application for the wastewater discharge permit and handling of all related issues
  • Maintaining contacts with the authorities
  • Advice for customers/companies on all wastewater issues (legal, technical, etc.)
  • Wastewater monitoring, management and analysis to
    • determine the composition of wastewater
    • detect increased discharges
    • investigate and remedy the causes of increased discharges
    • ensure compliance with specified threshold limits
    • equalize the wastewater composition (in consultation with you)
  • Negotiation of wastewater specifications and certification
  • Supply of cause-related data for customer-internal product accounting
  • Separate acceptance, treatment and discharge of wastewater requiring treatment
  • Operation of the sewerage system
  • Operation of facility for the biological, chemical and physical treatment of wastewater (neutralization, mechanical and biological treatment, removal of the nutrients nitrogen and phosphorus, removal of volatile constituents by treating the waste air)
  • Discharge to receiving waters
  • Separate treatment and disposal of wastewater received intermittently from cleaning processes or resulting from non-standard operation (occasional deliveries, e.g. also by tank truck)
  • Treatment of contaminated groundwater and water pumped out of containment basins

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