Services for fire safety infrastructure installations

Services for fire safety infrastructure installations

Our services

Fire damage can be minimized by using fire protection equipment that has been professionally inspected and maintained. Be it fire dampers, extinguishing equipment, sprinklers, smoke and heat protection systems, risers or wall hydrants, we will give you competent and comprehensive advice, inspect and maintain the functionality of the fire protection equipment in line with the relevant regulations, and either repair any faults ourselves or arrange for them to be remedied by a specialist company.

Our strengths

All sites have qualified experts with very good plant, buildings and operational knowledge. We are available at short notice to remedy problems with defective fire protection equipment quickly and safely.

Consultations with our fire protection engineers will also take into account the experiences of the site fire department on deployments. We can also use our in-depth and expert knowledge of the industry to assess the quality of outside companies.

Since we do the maintenance, you can be sure that our response teams have even better knowledge of your operations.

Service details

  • Organizing, monitoring and documenting the necessary inspections and maintenance in line with the relevant regulations
  • Organizing and monitoring annual function tests and maintenance by recognized specialist firms
  • Commissioning the necessary repairs
  • Elimination of minor faults by the site fire department
  • Procuring and managing property data necessary for emergency response measures and the subject group responsible
  • Coordinating expert inspections of extinguishing equipment
  • Acceptance testing of fire dampers and smoke and heat extractors by experts from the site fire department on new or structurally modified buildings
  • Annual operator testing by experts from the site fire department
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly inspections and testing by experts from the site fire department, in line with legal stipulations

Additional service details for risers

  • Checking the tightness of valves and jet pipes at all wall hydrants
  • Visual checking of the labeling, accessibility and proper condition of wall hydrants
  • Replacement of hoses after 5 years, or the conducting of a pressure test with the permissible operating pressure
  • Biennial pressure test of the risers


We offer our services for the following extinguishing installations:

  • Automatic extinguishing installations, such as water extinguishing installations (sprinklers, foam), gas extinguishing installations (e.g. CO2, argon) and powder extinguishing installations
  • Semi-stationary extinguishing installations (water, foam)
  • Sprinkler systems

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