Services for respiratory equipment and protective clothing

Services for respiratory equipment and protective clothing

Our services

Appropriate protective clothing, flawless respiratory equipment and safety harnesses are essential to safe and professional working at a chemical site such as CHEMPARK. We are happy to give you professional advice on what equipment is suitable for your particular work, take care of procurement or leasing at favorable terms and check and document quality and function. Your safety equipment will also be cleaned, disinfected, repaired and tested in our workshops by skilled employees using cutting-edge cleaning and testing equipment, all in line with technical guidelines and the guidelines of the employer's accident liability insurance association.

Our strengths

Our employees are specially trained experts, who also test the protective masks and equipment of the site fire department.

Our facilities are at the cutting edge of technology. You receive all services around the clock and from a single source – from impartial advice to the documenting of inspections and repairs.

Should you need something quickly, we can lend you protective masks and equipment in the same design. In this way, you can continue working during repairs and outages.

Along with service and advice, we can offer instruction in handling the equipment and company training courses on the subject of respiratory equipment and protective clothing.  

Service details

  • Objective, impartial advice
  • Procurement of chemical protective suits and lightweight protective suits
  • Procurement of respiratory masks, CABA and compressed airline breathing apparatus
  • Procurement of safety harnesses
  • Quality controls
  • Checking tightness
  • Monitoring required maintenance intervals
  • Provision of modern cleaning, drying and testing facilities
  • Cleaning, disinfection, repair and testing according to the requirements of the statutory accident insurance and prevention institutions and manufacturer
  • Function tests, inspections and tightness tests by trained staff
  • Identity labeling
  • Documentation of all repairs and tests
  • Training courses for operating personnel
  • Rapid provision of loan equipment in the same design, e.g. in the case of major repairs
  • Ensuring proper disposal of wash water that may have been contaminated with chemicals during cleaning

The following equipment can be hired from us if required:

  • Respiratory equipment (respiratory masks, compressed air breathing apparatus, compressed airline breathing apparatus etc.)
  • Protective clothing (chemical protective suits, lightweight PVC acid-protection suits etc.)
  • Alarms (explosion and oxygen alarm units, gas detector pumps, etc.)
  • Safety harness (belts and safety lines, rope adjusters etc.)

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