Infrastructure services

Infrastructure services

Our services

We are the central provider of infrastructure services customized to the needs of our partners at the CHEMPARK sites. Our areas of responsibility include the planning and operation of infrastructure facilities such as roads, lighting, rail and port installations, site enclosure and flood protection systems. We also ensure links to public infrastructure facilities and administer open space resources.

Our strengths

The infrastructure facilities at the CHEMPARK sites are perfectly tailored to the needs of chemical companies. Our facilities comply with the state of the art and meet the quality benchmarks expected of a modern infrastructure. Excellent links to the public infrastructure outside the CHEMPARK sites create the basis for full-service logistics solutions that save both time and money.

Service details

  • Construction, maintenance and operation of site roads, bridges and tunnels incl. planning, repair, lighting, cleaning, winter clearance and signing; planning, construction, maintenance and operation of the site rail networks
  • Appointment of a rail operations manager
  • Planning, construction, maintenance and operation of port installations (excluding loading and discharging equipment)
  • Planning, construction, maintenance and operation of site enclosure facilities (fences, gates, gatehouses)
  • Maintenance of flood protection systems
  • Erection and dismantling of mobile flood barriers; cleaning of barrier elements; operation of the floodwater pumping station at the CHEMPARK in Leverkusen in the event of an incident
  • Planning, creation, maintenance and operation of open and green spaces
  • Links to public infrastructure
  • Creation and documentation of site-related planning principles and data for the CHEMPARK sites
  • Ensuring cleanliness and order of common spaces at the CHEMPARK sites

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