Our services

Our widespread distribution networks and redundant generation capacities ensure that companies at CHEMPARK are supplied with steam at various pressure and temperature levels. Steam is generated in an efficient and environmentally friendly way in cogeneration plants with a high level of utilization. We keep prices low for our customers by using steam produced by waste heat from exothermic production processes where parameters are suitable. Our portfolio of services is augmented by experienced staff who are on hand to advise on all energy-related matters and a central utilities control station that is manned 24/7.

Our strengths

Our generation capacities and distribution networks make us one of the largest steam suppliers at chemical sites in Germany. A highly-efficient cogeneration process ensures our steam is produced in a way that is kind on resources. We actively manage our steam portfolio to ensure as cost-effective a service as possible. Our experienced staff develop customized solutions focusing on all aspects of steam supply.

Service details

  • Full supply of steam at various temperature and pressure levels
  • Economic and resource-friendly generation thanks to cogeneration
  • Optional use of steam produced by waste heat from the exothermic production processes of our customers
  • Procurement management for CO2 allowances and optimization of steam generation efficiency through the free allocation of emission rights 
  • Competent energy-management advice on all aspects of steam supply
  • Extensive, up-to-the-minute information on the latest developments in the energy market and the underlying energy regulations
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