Tanker Analytics

Tanker Analytics

Our services

We support you in the quality assurance of raw materials and ingredients, intermediates and end products by conducting incoming goods and pre-shipping tests on tank cars and trucks, bulk transporters and hopper cars. An additional activity is the analysis of general cargo as well as the loading of tank cars and ships. The range of services we offer extends from sampling the contents of the vehicle (including specimen bags or containers), through sameness checks to the analytical characterization of specimens using standardized methods such as infrared spectroscopy, gas chromatography and other chemical and physical methods.

Our strengths

You have the benefit of our years of experience as well as the extensive portfolio of industrial analytics available in house, thereby minimizing additional investments in manpower and technical equipment.


We have the particular expertise gained as a result of our on-site presence at CHEMPARK and our familiarity with local conditions and our customer's products.

Service details

Tanker analytics package (sampling, optical assessment, identity testing, sample retention)


For additional information, visit http://www.analytics.currenta.com

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