Technical security

Technical security

Our services

Greater security for your company: We are your competent partner when it comes to planning and maintaining alarms and technical safety and security installations. Our core competencies include the planning and construction of fire alarm systems and their maintenance after they are connected to the top-level alarm system. Our duties also include planning and construction of burglar alarms, including connecting the system to the Safety and Security Control Center, drawing up access profiles and performing maintenance and inspection work. We are happy to advise you on technical access controls and locking systems.

Our strengths

Using our wide-ranging experience with security installations and our close contact to other departments, we can handle projects with minimum fuss and can solve problems easily. We are available around the clock. All problems in your facilities are reported via a service hotline. Our relationship with our contractors is tried-and-tested over many years, so that all services can be rendered swiftly and to a high level of quality (certification to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN 14675 among others).

Service details

  • Advice / support on technical issues
  • Conducting security analyses and creating a security concept for electronic and mechanical system solutions
  • Preparing specification sheets
  • Planning and preparing tenders
  • Checks of all technical aspects in the planning of new installations, and expansion and modernizing of installations
  • Planning fire and security installations
  • Project management for installation and connection
  • Acceptance testing, documentation and connection of the relevant installation to the Safety and Security Control Center
  • Control, monitoring and documentation of maintenance intervals / malfunctions
  • Maintenance, inspection and repair of your alarm systems
  • Administration, management and documentation of access authorizations
  • Consulting on and procuring locking systems (mechanical and electronic), drawing up access profiles and access lists for the control systems
  • Procuring replacement parts

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