Testing services

Testing services

Our services

Health protection in the work environment means much more than just basic and emergency occupational health care. Our testing services include everything from vaccination advice to preventative medicine and medical check-ups for managerial employees. The key goals of our services include promoting and maintaining the physical, emotional and social well-being of your employees, preventing damage to health resulting from working conditions, reducing absences due to illness and positively influencing employees' general level of health.

Our strengths

Our specialists provide complete, cross-disciplinary care from a single source. Our years of experience give us exceptionally high expertise in the risks to health specific to the handling of hazardous substances.

Our know-how enables us to prevent work-related illnesses or damage to health. In addition, we can achieve a long-term improvement in the motivation and performance of your employees thanks to our systematic health management.

Service details

  • Testing
  • Advice from our company physicians on all issues relating to preventative medicine (including occupational health check-ups, allergy diagnostics, radiation testing)
  • Medical check-ups for managerial employees
  • Vaccination advice (travel medicine)

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