Corporate Compliance Policy for CURRENTA and its subsidiaries Tectrion GmbH and Chemion GmbH

“Our goal is to generate a high value added for the benefit of our owners, our employees and society as a whole. Only by complying with the appropriate legal and ethical standards in so doing will we manage to steadily create corporate value.”

Our principles:

  1. Fair competition
    CURRENTA is absolutely committed to the principle of fair competition and, in particular, to the strict observance of antitrust law.
  2. Integrity in business dealings
    Corruption will not be tolerated.
  3. Principle of sustainability
    CURRENTA  is conscious of its responsibility to protect health and the environment and ensure people’s safety.
  4. Upholding foreign trade laws
    The provisions of all national and international foreign trade laws must be observed.
  5. Preserving equal opportunity in securities trading
    Every employee is obligated to treat confidentially any internal information that could affect the price of the company’s stock.
  6. Proper record-keeping and transparent financial reporting
    An internal control system must provide for the proper documentation of key business processes. Controls must be established to ensure that all transaction details relevant for accounting purposes are fully and correctly captured.
  7. Fair and respectful working conditions
    All employees are expected to behave in a friendly, objective, fair and respectful manner toward colleagues and third parties. Discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  8. Protecting our intellectual property rights and respecting those of others
    Confidential company information must not be disclosed to any third party or made public. Employees must treat the intellectual property rights of other entities with the same respect.
  9. Keeping corporate and personal interests separate
    All employees must always keep their personal interests separate from those of the company. Personnel decisions and business relationships with third parties must also be based solely on objective criteria.
  10. Cooperation with the authorities
    The company endeavors to be cooperative in its dealings with all authorities and government agencies. All information communicated to the authorities must be correct and complete and be provided in an open, timely and understandable manner.


  • CURRENTA is appointing a Compliance Officer, as are its subsidiaries.
  • CURRENTA ensures the effective functioning of this Corporate Compliance Policy through the creation of the necessary framework conditions and the provision of the requisite resources.
  • The mode of operation and efficiency of the policy are regularly reviewed. Permanent monitoring with ongoing assessment and reporting should ensure that this Corporate Compliance Policy can be continually improved. In addition, the Auditing Department, on behalf of the Executive Board, can regularly monitor the effectiveness of the Corporate Compliance Policy.
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