CHEMAPRK Management

We see ourselves as an expert partner whose job it is to help you maintain your growth trajectory.

An attractive chemical site like CHEMPARK requires professional management so that all the companies located here can benefit from a strong network and harness potential synergies to the full. Our management responsibilities include expanding the necessary infrastructure, providing support in obtaining licences and permits, and maintaining contact with authorities, institutions and the general public.

The right infrastructure for profitable production

Part of our job as operator of CHEMPARK is to ensure that the essential infrastructure – including roads, sewage pipes, pipeline networks, containment facilities, rail sidings and wharfage – is available at all times and develops over the long term. Our site management planning also integrates planning for storage areas and the logistical expansion of transport routes. We are also responsible for lighting, perimeter fencing and flood protection at CHEMPARK. We provide a link to the local authority infrastructure and market the plots available at the complex. Our customers also have access to a number of utility, technology and product networks.

Your first point of contact for all matters relating to CHEMPARK

The function CHEMPARK & safety serves as the primary, visible representative for all the companies located in the park. We are proactive in contacting authorities, institutions and associations in the region, and in establishing links with universities, media representatives, politicians and the general public. As a reliable partner, we advise and support companies during permit procedures in acquiring "licences to operate". To that end, we analyse and assess the surroundings of CHEMPARK, such as buffer areas, and clarify safety issues raised by ever wider-reaching (EU) legislation.

In short

CHEMAPRK Management

Open dialogue with the public
We promote understanding, trust and mutual respect to encourage good neighbourly relations. Every year, thousands of people of all ages visit us to find out about the work being carried out by the chemical industry. At each of the three locations in Leverkusen, Dormagen and Krefeld-Uerdingen, the CHEMPUNKT neighbourhood office acts as a contact centre, meeting place and starting point for joint events and campaigns.

We also use brochures, presentations and exhibitions to engage in dialogue with various interest groups, decision-makers and disseminators from the political, business and social spheres. The increasing acceptance of CHEMPARK reflects the success of our efforts to communicate with political representatives and the general public.

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