When it comes to reliable energy supplies, we’ve got everything covered – on site and on the exchanges.

Supplying energy is a daily challenge. As well as generating electricity and steam in our own power plants, we also follow developments on the energy markets and use the right purchasing strategy for our fuels to ensure you benefit from favourable terms.

Stay flexible!

Market conditions change all the time – as do your energy requirements. That means being as flexible as possible is a key factor in achieving success. We use an accurate analysis of your energy requirements to develop a customised supply concept. CURRENTA is present on site and that means we know the production processes of CHEMPARK companies inside out. Whether fixed-price models or extremely flexible portfolio procurement for electricity, supplying energy or operating your plants, our experts are here to help and create a concept perfectly tailored to your needs.

Facilitating the reliability of your production

DWe supply electricity, natural gas, steam, compressed air and technical gases from our own generation plants and in part also by procuring them at the major trading centres. Reserve capacities for emergency situations, secure power networks and networked utility and product pipelines are crucial in ensuring maximum reliability of supply. For example, the power cables at the three CHEMPARK sites have a total length of 3,000 kilometres, equivalent to the distance between Cologne and Gibraltar.

We actively look after your interests

The regulatory environment for energy is constantly changing too. We defend the interests of our CHEMPARK customers in the political arena. With respect to emissions trading, for example, we have devised a systematic approach and bring our views to the table within the context of public discussions. We also help our customers optimise the way they address regulatory requirements.


Usage levels of over 80 per cent
heat and power generation. In other words, the fuels used are converted into electrical power. The heat generated during this process does not go to waste; in the form of steam, it is used for heating purposes or in production processes. Compared to separated heat and electricity generation, CURRENTA’s plants save an enormous amount of fuel and thus cut CO2 emissions. As a result, they achieve a utilisation level of over 80 per cent and help to protect the climate. What’s more, in the past four years CURRENTA has carried out over 100 projects to significantly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

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