Vocational training

Vocational training

Our services

We train your employees in over 25 scientific, technical and commercial professions. Our training activities are closely oriented to industrial practice and to future requirements. We also offer combined training and study programs. With offerings that extend from support in trainee selection through HR administration to preparing and organizing exams with the relevant chambers of commerce, we take care of one of the key aspects of any company's future: the training of well-qualified young recruits!

Our strengths

Our qualified trainers ensure that the training programs comply with current vocational training legislation. A success rate close to 100 percent is evidence of our training expertise.

Thanks to our knowledge of your specific requirements, we can develop new training programs and combined degree/vocational training programs or adapt existing programs. You benefit not only from our long experience but also from our close collaboration with schools, chambers of industry and commerce, industry associations and local and federal government institutions.

Service details

  • Commercial/administrative training:
    Office management assistant with additional foreign language qualification, administrative assistant, commercial assistant, commercial IT assistant, office communications assistant

  • Scientific training:
    Biological laboratory technician, chemical laboratory technician, chemical production technician, pharmaceutical production technician, company fire-fighter

  • Technical training:
    Utilities mechanic, electronics technician for automation technology, industrial electronics technician, industrial mechanic, IT systems specialist, mechanical/electronic engineering assistant, process engineer in plastics and rubber technology, machine tools specialist

  • Combined degree and vocational training:
    Management and international business studies (MIBS) leading to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) with the option of a period of study abroad leading to a Master of Business Administration (MBA), IT with business studies (WIN) leading to a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), collaborative training leading to a Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science, collaborative training leading to a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering or Process Engineering

  • Other careers (as required):
    Inventory management specialist, gardener, tanner, glass apparatus maker, commercial assistant for transport and logistics, farmer, animal care specialist, event manager, patent attorney paralegal, surveying technician


  • Collaborative training “AIR training initiative (AIR)”

Detailed information about our training programs can be found at:



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