Waste advisory and management services

Waste advisory and management services

Our services

Our extensive waste management services also include in-depth advice. On request, we can manage the entire disposal process, coordinate specialist subcontractors and ensure that your waste and contaminated substances are disposed of safely and conveniently. In addition, we ensure compliance with all statutory requirements concerning the recycling and reuse of waste, for instance the regulations governing spent oil, industrial waste and packaging.

Our strengths

Our considerable expertise and many years of experience in this industry enable us to provide competent advice on specific technical and legal aspects of waste management and to handle a wide range of management services, including all logistics tasks. We are very familiar with the disposal service market and with statutory waste disposal requirements. We also have the necessary resources and expertise to continuously assess the economics of the disposal market and track technical developments.

Service details

  • Review and evaluation of various disposal options
  • Optimization of disposal options taking economic and ecological aspects into account
  • Management of the entire disposal process, incl. logistics
  • Organization and performance of scheduled collection services for waste (e.g. industrial waste, building rubble and waste, paper, cardboard and plastics)
  • Disposal of spent oil
  • Disposal of grease traps
  • Solvent recycling
  • Catalyst treatment
  • Disposal of hazardous waste associated with specific projects
  • Support for the documentation of your waste disposal activities
  • Handling of statutory waste management documentation

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