Waste air incineration

Waste air incineration

Our services

At the Dormagen site we accept waste air and off-gas streams containing toxic substances from production facilities and incinerate them in our advanced thermal waste air incineration plant in a way that is safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Alongside conventional incineration technology for gas streams containing halogens and sulfur, we also employ a regenerative thermal reactor that considerably reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Our services include the maintenance and repair of waste air and off-gas lines. We also help develop waste air and off-gas concepts and assume the role of operator of waste air and off-gas incineration plants for individual plants.

Our strengths

We ensure round-the-clock disposal reliability. Our central incineration plant is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001, and is equipped to incinerate all types of waste air and off-gas containing toxic substances.

Service details

  • Quantification of relevant substances in the waste air and off-gas and other parameters in individual facility agreements
  • Transfer of the waste air and off-gas from connected production facilities and incineration in the thermal waste air incinerator
  • Maintenance and repair of waste air and off-gas lines
  • Monitoring of waste air streams and oxygen-free off-gas streams (oil gases) to ensure compliance with emission limits
  • Compilation of datasheets on technical conditions and constituents and operating instructions for waste air and off-gas facilities

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