Waste incineration

Waste incineration

Our services

We operate incinerators for the safe and environmentally sound disposal of hazardous waste from chemical manufacturing and processing operations that is highly contaminated and harmful either to the environment or health. We ensure that any hazardous waste entrusted to our care is permanently converted or rendered inert through thermal treatment. We also use heat from the incinerators to generate steam, which plays an important part in reducing the use of valuable primary energy and in protecting the environment.

Our strengths

Our high incineration capacities enable us to handle a broad spectrum of waste, ensuring the rapid disposal of even difficult waste from production, processing and research activities. These include distillation residues, packaging contaminated with chemicals, chemical residues, production waste, highly contaminated wastewater or sewage sludge and similar substances. We work with you to develop professional disposal concepts including logistics and analytical services tailored to your needs.

Service details

  • Acceptance of hazardous waste from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and the chemical processing industry
  • Disposal of various types of hazardous waste, such as:
    • Production residues in solid, paste or liquid form
    • Non-miscible, reactive liquids
    • Highly halogenated and hot liquids
    • Waste containing silicon and phosphorus
    • Concentrates, laboratory chemicals, insecticides, pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs)
    • Concentrated wastewater and sewage sludge
    • Waste containing genetically modified or infectious organisms
  • Treatment of electronic scrap
  • Thermal treatment of lithium-ion batteries
  • Bunker for solid waste
  • Unloading station for big bags
  • Unloading stations for liquids and gases
  • Unloading stations for hot waste in the form of liquid melts
  • Unloading station with sludge pump for sludges of various consistencies and compositions
  • Acceptance and incineration of packaged waste in containers

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