Waste officer

Waste officer

Our services

Every company is obliged to take a responsible approach to the issue of waste. There are a large number of statutory instruments that cover waste and we naturally offer a portfolio of waste management services to match. These include the appointment of a waste officer for your company, as required by waste and recycling legislation for operators of certain types of plant.

Our strengths

We have close and long-established links with regional and local authorities as a result of our many years of experience.
We provide a complete range of services that are relevant to the environment, e.g. environmental management, safety, disposal and HSE (health, safety and environmental protection) policies / lobbying. The synergistic effects make our services cost-effective and efficient.

Service details

  • We provide a waste officer for your company as required under the relevant legislation
  • We provide advice and assist in the development, introduction and optimization of environmentally friendly processes and products that generate less waste. We can advise you on waste disposal options that are proper, safe and have minimum impact on the environment.
  • We provide relevant information to personnel on the subjects of waste avoidance, recycling and disposal, taking into consideration all the relevant regulations and legislation
  • Monitoring and control of all processes that affect waste – from its generation and delivery through to disposal
  • Regular plant inspections
  • Reporting of aspects of waste management that are inadequate and proposal of measures to bring these up to the required standard
  • An annual report

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