Wastewater levies

Wastewater levies

Our services

We handle all aspects of wastewater management and dealings with the regulatory authorities in respect of statutory wastewater levies. Our service includes estimating the wastewater levies for forthcoming years, thus providing you with planning certainty. We notify the authorities of these estimated values by a certain date and then negotiate the required levies. We also handle all payment transactions and check the notification of levies for correctness. If necessary, we initiate legal action. By equalizing the fluctuating loads in the wastewater, we ensure low monitoring and declaration values, thus minimizing wastewater levies.

Our strengths

We have many years of experience in the field of wastewater levies and in dealings with the wastewater authorities. We can therefore provide a quick and professional service. As the discharging party we provide comprehensive advice on wastewater levies and how to reduce them substantially. Our wastewater management service provides support in equalizing wastewater loads so that they remain within the permitted limits and communicates the associated declaration values to the authorities.

Service details

  • Determination of the anticipated waste loads for the next year or quarter for the CHEMPARK site, based on our experience, and communication of those values to the authorities (declaration as per § 6 paragraph 1 and §4 paragraph 5 AbwAG)
  • Performance of the necessary measuring programs
  • Prediction of the likely wastewater levies for the CHEMPARK site, based on the expected loads
  • Assignment of the wastewater levies for the CHEMPARK site to customers and plants according to their respective volumes and loads
  • Management of the entire payment process between you and the authorities
  • Verification upon receipt of the notification of levies from the authorities
  • If necessary, lodging of appeals
  • Dealing with the authorities
  • Consultation with you on the use of organizational and technical measures to equalize wastewater loads before the wastewater enters the treatment plant to ensure compliance with permitted limits
  • Consulting on ways to offset investments against paid wastewater levies as allowed by the German Wastewater Levy Act (Abwasserabgabengesetz)

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