Waterway Protection Officer

Waterway Protection Officer

Our services

Under German regulations, a Waterway Protection Officer has to be appointed for every plant / facility that discharges more than 750 cubic meters of wastewater each day into rivers, lakes, etc. We provide a Waterway Protection Officer for our customers who is responsible for all activities set out in the Wasserhaushaltsgesetz (Water Management Act). We thus provide support to companies so they can comply with the requirements of this Act.

Our strengths

As a full-service provider, we offer all the services required for environmental management from a single source. Our experience and comprehensive knowledge of processes and plants at the CHEMPARK sites in Dormagen, Krefeld-Uerdingen and Leverkusen ensure that we can offer a complete service package at a favorable price. You benefit from our long-established links with regional and local authorities. We monitor wastewater discharges around the clock and can respond rapidly in the event of an incident owing to our on-site presence in CHEMPARK.

Service details

  • Advice on all matters of waterway protection throughout all plant lifecycles
  • Support in the development and introduction of environmentally friendly processes and products
  • Regular inspections to ensure that all legal requirements and regulations are met
  • Recommendations for ways in which weak points can be eliminated
  • Annual reporting on scheduled/implemented measures

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